Quality First Aid in the UK

Would you like to help, if someone you knew suffered an accident, or sudden illness?

Are you looking for first aid courses in your local area?

How many of your staff need first aid training?

Unsure which first aid course is right for you?

Lifesaver Technology will help you make the right decisions, where your first aid provision is concerned. Our professional, honest, and straightforward, approach to health & safety has been well received in the UK for a number of years, with numerous customers throughout Devon, Cornwall, Somerset & Dorset. We are now also supplying businesses further afield, including London, Manchester, Liverpool and Midlands, with our unique first aid solution.


What makes us different?

Lifesaver Technology are passionate about helping others when they need it most, especially while the NHS Ambulance Authorities are under more pressure to attend to incidents quickly, with limited resources.

Our approach is to make it easier for the business industry to access high quality, professional training, and provide premises with, easy to use, lifesaving equipment that can help buy time for the more highly trained staff to arrive.

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Portable Oxygen Equipment
First aid training in Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshre
Defibrillators can save lives


First Aid Equipment

Lifesaver Technology O2 equipment is unique in the UK. 

Its safe, easy to operate, and portable to the scene, providing the extra care that can make all the difference when accidents, or sudden illness, occur.

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First Aid Training

OFQUAL Regulated Training

Our experienced instructors provide quality, Level 3, First Aid Courses for businesses, and charities, as required by the Health & Safety Executive. Providing the right course for your business, on-site, at times to suit you.

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For the Cardiac Arrest Emergency

The only treatment for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a defibrillator. With the wide range of availability in the UK, it can be difficult to distinguish which one suits your first aid staff in the best way. We can help.

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"Jeff's enthusiasm rubs off on you, and made it an enjoyable learning day, unlike some other first aid courses I have attended. His method of instruction made it very easy to understand"

Calstock Arts


"we rushed the equipment down to him in 2 mins, and easily applied it, helping him to calm down, prior to the arrival of the ambulance service 15 mins later. The oxygen visibly helped"

Devon Business & Education Centre


"Very informative, loved the use of mixed media (ie use of film) Practical & theory were the right combination.

A great instructor - really kept our interest"

Hummingbird Care Home


"the oxygen was fundamental in helping to calm the injured person, allowing him to provide continued first aid treatment until an ambulance arrived. Our first aider found the oxygen to be very effective"

Gregory Distribution