Helping you when it matters most

Lifesaver Technology are passionate about helping you care for your colleagues, customers or friends when a sudden illness or accident occurs.
We are all too aware of the pressures the ambulance services are under, with over 11 million calls every year they cannot always attend as quickly as they would like. First aid staff are limited in the help they can provide, some calm reassurance is great, but we believe an improved level of care can and should be provided to those that need us.
In the United States & Canada, simple emergency oxygen equipment has been readily available to first aiders for over 35 years, providing a safe level of supplemental oxygen to the body, and buying precious time for the professionals.
We felt it was time the UK had the same opportunity.
Wherever and whenever that incident occurs, the time between onset and ambulance arrival is critical. Emergency oxygen equipment has proven to be the most effective means to keep patients stable until that help arrives.
We believe emergency oxygen should be viewed in the same way as fire extinguishers, hopefully we will never need it, but if we do it is there, ready.
Obviously, emergency oxygen equipment administration needs a short training course, just like defibrillators or any other workplace equipment, but we will take care of that, and work with you to provide the best solution.
Work with us and lets provide an improved level of care for everyone.