CR Plus Defibrillator


A defibrillator is a small portable device that can assess the need, and if required, deliver a high energy electric shock to the heart to someone suffering a cardiac arrest.
They can be used by anyone, even if untrained, and are now becoming widely available in shopping centres, villages, airports and many other public areas.
With many to choose from, however, they can vary quite substantially and careful selection is important.

There are specific things that should be considered, such as time to first shock, the level of charge produced, escalating charge capability, and of course ongoing running costs over its lifetime.

We are happy to guide you through the process, and provide you with clear sensible advice.
Lifesaver Technology have assessed all of the available models and are proud to recommend the CR Plus from Physio Control to their customers. Its variable energy and low ongoing costs make it an obvious choice.

Want to know how it would all work?

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