Portable Oxygen Equipment


Safe, Simple & Portable

Portable oxygen equipment can now be an essential component of your organisations first aid provision.
It is the safest, most simple to use, portable oxygen kit available in the UK. Unlike other forms of equipment it is designed with the non-medical rescuer in mind, ready to use within seconds of an accident, or sudden illness.
It can provide a safe supplemental supply of
oxygen for up to 60 minutes while waiting for the professionals.

A simple on-off lever, with none of the usual dials to adjust, reduces rescuer anxiety, while the dual purpose face-mask provides important protection if CPR is required.

Our oxygen equipment provides some valuable confidence to the first aider attending to a casualty, while that casualty gains reassurance that something proactive is actually being done to help.

With our annual service and replacement cylinder agreement in place, you can now be confident that when that incident does occur a successful outcome could be more likely.

What would you do?


Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the most serious of all medical emergencies, with only minutes to act.
A defibrillator is needed and would always take priority if available, so how can oxygen help?
Without oxygen the brain can survive for around 4 minutes before serious damage occurs. Historically, supplemental oxygen has been provided by the rescuer through mouth to mouth resuscitation, but exhaled breaths provide oxygen at a much lower concentration than the body is used to, and some research questions the benefit.
In 2012 footballer Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest during a match, it took 78 minutes and 15 shocks from a defibrillator to get his heart back into rhythm, so why did he not suffer brain damage?
Provided with supplemental oxygen, and excellent chest compressions, his vital organs received a sufficient level to avoid damage and mean he continues to lead a normal life today.
Oxygen can, and does, save lives.


What would you do?

Take a look at the person next to you!

If they were suddenly taken ill or had an accident, would you want to help?

Of course you would, but what would you do?

Everyone should have first aid training, but other things always seem to get in the way, so that duty normally falls to the person that volunteered, or was pushed, to do the local course. Suddenly, they are plunged into an urgent situation and expected to act. 

Armed with their first aid box and a pair of gloves what can they do? Dial 999, calm & reassure, maybe the recovery position, and...........wait!
So how can we help buy some time for the professionals, and ensure that the casualty is provided with more effective care?
Install our emergency oxygen equipment and they can deliver a safe level of oxygen to someone in trouble and hopefully alleviate the problems that could ensue without it.
Whether a minor faint, fall, or more serious heart attack or stroke.
The benefits of supplemental oxygen are undeniable, the only real question when caring for colleagues or customers is why wouldn't you install equipment that helps?

Emergency Oxygen equipment

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